Making the most of it

Here's what I'm really into right now - creating opportunity and then making the absolute most of it.  It's a pretty simple concept and works wonders for feeling accomplished and good.  Over the last year and a half I've been working on starting a nonprofit called 4Missoula whose mission is to donate skateboards to at-risk and low-income kids throughout Western Montana.  The company itself is an opportunity to help my community and give kids the necessary resources to pursue a skating pastime, but more than that it is an opportunity to create opportunities for myself and for others.  And that is the beauty of this endeavor.

Some opportunities currently being maximized are:
  • Osprey Ticket Sales - The Missoula Osprey have given 4Missoula 100 tickets to sell and we'll split the proceeds.  If, we can sell all 100 there is an opportunity to re-up and collect 100% of the revenue going forward.  So, my step-son Blake and I have been going door-to-door selling tickets to the July 24th baseball game and we're quickly approaching the 100 ticket mark. This is an opportunity I really want to capitalize on!!!
  • Weed Control Initiative - This is a brainchild of my Dad and I and the idea is to get a crew together, who have collected sponsors, and pick weeds in a designated recreational area.  Different than other fundraisers to date this fundraiser will generate money for our skateboard goal and will leave a park looking beautiful.  It's less of a fun-draiser and more of a work-raiser.  And we shall see how it goes.
  • Horseshoe Bonanza - This is the second annual horseshoe event and this year it is going to be way better on so many levels.  The first horseshoe event was a great learning experience and as I was slicing tomatoes while trying to manage the event it occurred to me that I need to do a better job delegating tasks.  So, this time around that'll be the emphasis...more support from co-workers.  I'm beyond excited about this one; it's just such a great opportunity to "connect our community."
So, that's a little about the haps for Skatepark Mark and I hope everyone can create opportunities for themselves and then make the most out of them. That's just the way it's supposed to be.