Good Soup

I've been boiling a lot of things down lately and I'm fascinated with the reduction. Different than a collective concoction, my focus lately has been on my own personal soup and how it's doing. For the longest time, maybe forever, my soup has been outta bounds and so far beyond my comprehension that I can hardly call it my own. I literally have no idea what I've been doing for the last 38 years.

My soup has a lot of ingredients, however the mixture is stressing me out and needs to be reviewed and cleaned up. I've managed to remove cigarettes and alcohol (smiley face emoji) from the medley, yet I know there is a richer, more refined and more beautiful soup to be created.

Here are a couple important abilities to keep in mind as we progress (towards a better soup).
  • The first is the ability to be honest and the best way to get honest is to get sober. When you have drugs and alcohol on your brain the flavor of your life is compromised and is being made to include your addiction. You say the soup is good, but we all know it's gross. In sobriety the flavor of your life is more accurate because the chef is free to choose their ingredients.
  • A second ability necessary for positive change is the ability to accept criticism. Making an honest assessment of your soup is a start, but then you must admit that some of your ingredients are making the soup taste bad.
  • Then, the final ability needed to improve your soup is courage. Through honest evaluation and education the soup of your dreams is known to you and lies within your grasp. Now, it's up to you to be brave, confront any challenges and make the best soup imaginable.
To be a master one must be entirely aware of what's within their control and then make those things produce a great soup. Some items within our control are: the food we eat, the water we drink (Flint, MI might disagree), the energy we use, the gas we use, the people we interact with, how we speak to people, how we look at people, how peoples' actions make us feel, the products we use, the money we spend and the votes we cast. I find it empowering to know that so much of the world is within our comprehension and there are so many opportunities to make a better soup.

This particular soup is one of my favorites - Flavorful Matzo Ball Soup. The broth is fantastic and complex and, when you add balls to it, becomes the perfect metaphor for my life (wink face emoji).

P.S. Happy Easter!!!