Trashy For Now

Great minds think alike. My friend Shawn Charbonneau, father of "Little Man" James Charbonneau and certified hardcharger, sent me a message this morning that I should join him for an early morning sesh...I was already planning on it homie. Shawn is so fun to skate with! He's older than most skaters (maybe even myself) but shreds just as hard and is totally stoked on the whole scene. He showed me some, as he calls them, "step-off-shove-its" although I think they're also called a "no-comply frontside 180s". These tricks look smooth and stylish and I want them!!! YES a creamy no-comply over the nipple...yum (as Bernard Mickey Wrangle would say), but for now it's a trash can ollie stomp. Getting cleaner at least :)