Back At It

Skatepark Mark rides again! Although the weather was a bit chilly, things got hot quick at the skatepark yesterday. Showing up with little intention of skating, the grip of thrashing took hold and off I went. My daughter and her friend Monika are little Razor girls and the trip was mostly to allow them the shred their scooters and possibly, if we could, introduce Monika to the joys or "2 wheeler" bike riding. With beautiful blue sky overhead, the park called to us and we returned to the land of concrete abandon.

My skateboard is a little worn out these days, but my attitude is fresh and my outlook is lively. I feel like a spring chicken. Cluck! The past few months have been well, an odyssey I suppose. Through some unfortunate events I was forced to re-create myself and admit defeat. Addiction has been such a part of my life for so many years, that being clean was a far-fetched notion. I sorta just absorbed it all and told myself what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. These days, I feel different.

Today is my 6 month sobriety birthday and I feel BLESSED! Enduring pain has always been my thing, but nowadays I feel like toughing it out isn't the best mode. While it's good to be resilient and knowing you can recover from this hard knock life is an asset, I now believe that true strength comes from believing you can't be hurt. I'm nowhere near total self-confidence, but I have faith that through God I can get closer.

So yesterday, after we all got our fill at the skatepark, my crew and I took to the Christian Life Center parking lot to learn Monika about riding a bike...2 wheeler style. Something about the expanse of open lot gives first-time bike riders a little more confidence and with me running behind her holding her up for about 50 yards, Monika rode away on her own. My friend Lyle put it best when he mentioned that she'll always know how to ride a bike now. Believing in yourself is a powerful thing!!

It's worth mentioning that while at CLC Monika's older sister Madison, a novice driver, learned a little bit about parallel parking and how to put the brakes on before she goes too far in the wrong direction. Also, we met a horse there who knows about the perils of barbed wire. Apparently this horse was loose on county roads for months and the rider of the horse was called in to put the horse down. Though, instead of burying him he adopted the horse, helped him recover and now calls him his best horse. I suppose the point of all this is that through love we can help others and through God we can help ourselves. Because from time to time, we all need a little help.

Photos courtesy of Montanaboy Designs. Positive Waves.