Anaconda, MT

SPM hooked up with SPMom yesterday and took our kids east to Anaconda, MT then Fairmont Hot Springs. Hoping to get out of the smoke in Missoula, we were disappointed to find the haze reaching 100 miles away as well. I guess the old adage holds true, smoke follows beauty.

The Anaconda skatepark is a real microcosm of the town, small and down to business. Parker liked the two 1/4 pipes with the box in the middle, Maryan liked the castle at the playground, Emmie liked the expanding tear in the trail mix, Liam liked the changing his shoes, and I liked the view of the McDonalds and Conoco signs. Something about those two landmarks made me feel at home.

After getting our skate fix we cruised to Fairmont Hot Springs. The indoor pools were under construction, so the price was half off. We told the cashier that we were sad about this since we had just driven 3000 miles to get there. I found out later that she believed us. I guess that isn't a stretch at such a destination resort. After a couple duo slide rides, Maryan went down on her own and it was on!! Parker and Mar made laps while us parents soaked it up and talked about bacon wrapped bacon. This convo was misunderstood by a large woman in the pool next to us. She insisted I try a bacon wrapped fist. Haha.

After grabbing a quick dinner at the resort we cruised home and got the kids in bed. Not too shabby for a school night. Nice work SPMom!! We do a pretty stellar job at providing for the family, I must admit :)