The skate park is a beautiful piece of work. The shapes and features of the whole thing make for an interesting landscape. Mobash is especially nice with the Clark Fork river flowing by and a slight Missoula skyline visible behind the Orange Street bridge. The trail system by the river is under construction, finally. The potential for recreation all along the river is huge and I'm stoked to see this new development. Folks will be able walk, bike or skate a trail from Russell Street to Deer Creek, and eventually to Bonner. The natural beauty of our valley is getting more enjoyable.

The folks at the skate park are a piece of work. As I see more and more different faces at the park, I also see many of the same faces and the same skating styles. What's interesting is that when at the park, surrounded by shredding, even an observer is involved. Skaters cheer one another on and feel great when another does something sweet. The gang happens and it doesn't discriminate (even though some of it's parts do).

An interesting posse was at the park the other day. They appeared to be middle schoolers, from what school I couldn't tell. They were a pack and they were punks. The smallest dude seemed to be the biggest punk and his name's Edge. This kid rules. He calls out the trick he's about to attempt, and then does the same half ollie crash every time. He's funny though. A runner climbing the hill to the bridge was encouraged on by Edge, "you can do it! Make it to the top and I'll give you a candy bar." Cracked me up. Unfortunately for Edge, his later comments to a roller blader got him an ear lashing from some army dad. This guy actually called the crew "skater punks" and told them all to "shut up," asserting himself as a real "dick." Not cool.

So here's to Edge and rest of the punks out there. Good work and thanks for being cool.