Poop in the Pool

Yesterday morning, upon ariving at Mobash, I discovered a mess of shit in the pool. Yeah, someone took a crap in the pool or better yet, some assface bombed the pool and left it there for the morning skaters to behold.

For awhile, I avoided the pool and the crap. Some park cleaner guy stopped by, but he did almost nothing. I was thinking about what could be accomplished with a person's own two hands when this park cleaner guy busted out the trash-grabber-device, capable of picking up only the biggest bottles and cans and picked up a few. He then changed a trash bad and was about to leave when I approached him and asked if he had a crap-cleaning device. He was confused, said no, and left without cleaning the poop or even sweeping up a heaping mound of broken glass right in front of us. This guy sucked.

I skated around the poopy pool, but soon it became intolerable so I found a torn up tee shirt and got about 90% of the crap into the trash. I was about to use an abandoned sweatshirt for the rest when a guy stopped me saying the sweatshirt was his son's. Good timing. I showed the poop to this guy and he headed off for the park and recreation office to complain. After about thirty minutes some park dude showed up looking for poop. I pointed it out, he scratched his head and left. Funny. Then about forty five minutes later the original cleaner dude showed up in a frickin' water truck, fires up some pump, and douses the last 10% of the poop. This was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Dude, get a handy wipe and clean the shit up! It's your job.