St. Iggy

This last weekend, my daughter, Maryan, my brother, Matt, his wife, Kiana, and his daughter, Donna took a trip north of Missoula to hit up a couple skate parks we'd heard of in St. Ignatius and Polson.

The park in St. Iggy is a small and gnarly spot next to the historic St. Ignatius Mission. Aside from the low-grade park in Cour'de Alene, this was the first park I'd ever been to. When stepping onto new "concrete" I was surprised how tentative I was. All the features: a triple deepend pool, a bunch of vertical walls, rails, double steps, and a cool step bypass which skips the first set of stairs and ramps the second set, are all very close together. Super close. Like tight. Like a tight little skate spot.

My daughter shit her diaper, which I disposed of in a trash can in the Mission. Sorry tourists, that's baby poop.

I didn't go all out in St. Iggy, but I want to go back and get whipped, hopefully into something SUPERTIGHT.