Call for artists - WANT TO DESIGN A BOARD?

4Missoula, with support from Board of Missoula, Would Shop Skates, and the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana has 12 complete skateboard packages (board and helmet) to donate to local at-risk and low-income kids over the course of the year. Every month will have a new design created by local artists and that could be you!

Once the skateboard recipient has received the board, the month’s winning design will be unveiled and promoted online and in 4Missoula’s newsletter.

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(with truck placement).


The 5980-Sumthin Artist Series

A good many months back I contacted the Tony Hawk Foundation in hopes of starting up a partnership. I had a couple ideas on how to team up, one of them being the 5980-Sumthin Artist Series where 12x skateboards, with graphics provided by local artists, would be "made possible in part by The Tony Hawk Foundation." Unfortunately the Tony Hawk Foundation rejected this partnership, which did nothing but motivate me to create the series even more.

So, without further ado I bring to you the first donation of the 5980-Sumthin Artist Series...made possible by trucks and wheels donated by Board of Missoula, decks donated by Would Shop Skates, helmets donated by the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana, and artwork donated by Kelli DePue.

"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out." - John Wooden


The Fifty-Third Skateboard Donation

Thank you so much to Kelli DePue, who I first met while she was driving a forklift at the Missoulian - who knew this gal was actually an amazing artist?!! It wasn't long after, however, that Kelli's artwork was selected for the cover of Cultural Treasures (2011 and 2014) and she joined the Creative Team to build ads.

When asked how Kelli creates her artwork she says she just kinda goes with it. I really like that answer. It's just like, take a deep breath and begin.

For this board Kelli created a wonderful painting (same size as a skate deck),
which we then photographed, for a digital version, and sent to the skateboard graphics printer. Thus, there is an amazing, non-digital, version of this artwork in the 4Missoula office...score!!!

It definitely took a long time for this concept to come to fruition, but now that we've launched, there will be one skateboard every month donated with help from our sponsors...and the fantastic artists in our community.

Thank you so much, Kelli. There couldn't have been a better artist to kick this thing off with than you!!!